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  1. Katie and Nick. My Dad had a pretty bad seizure this morning. He is in the hospital and probably will be there for a couple days. The Drs. have discovered that he has had 2 small strokes in the past, one of which recent. They did a MRI along with a bunch of other tests and the Neurologist is still not quite sure what the problem is. The good news is he is physically doing good, eating and walking and talking with only minor peripheral vision issues that should improve. Motor skills are for the most part normal. His memory is in poor condition…. worse than normal. They are not sure if that will improve. He is in good hands and should only improve.

    Abbie and I want you to know that we are praying for you. We wanted you to know about Dad, but at the same time we want you to do what you went to Guatemala for in the first place …live in Gods Grace!

    Dave and Abbie.


      1. I am going to the hospital now to bring him some running magazines, Grandma says he is wanting to get home, but they still have some tests to do. He will probably be there for a few more days. He had another MRI with contrast this morning and we are waiting for word about that. His memory is not very good but there are still lights on upstairs. Grandma is holding up fine, she went home last night.


  2. Dad is doing much better. They sent him home tonight. Mom says he is still shaking off the event, but good enough to keep. He tried to pull his popped popcorn out of the fridge twice before opting for the microwave. No big answers from the Dr’s. Hope you guys are loving it!

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  3. Keep giving us information as you get some answers. Just getting information helps with not worrying about it to much. Helps me to concentrate on the task on hand. I know your Dad is all excited about what we are doing here and that helps the most.
    Since I know you guys are reading our blogs, I will go ahead and actually blog this time around 🙂
    First two days were medical clinic days. The first one was at a VERY remote village and closer to the coastal region, so it was warmer and more humid than where we have been in the past. It is really hard to even call it a village since their dwellings are very spread out from each other. Sometimes even a couple miles. They are typically ranching plantation workers that are allowed to stay on different small spots. But basically they are really only squatters. Squatters in the aspect that they don’t have a space assigned, rented or anything legally binding with the plantations owners of where or that they can even live there. So we saw some cattle, horses and ranch workers here and there but not many since it sounds like it is a very large plantation with thousands of acres. (So of course I thought of you a lot Abbie ! ) A single room school building was built it what must be somewhat of a central location, but it was hard to tell because we would see people come walking up from what seemed like nowhere. Dan is not certain they even use the school at all and is certain if it used, then it is rarely. Well, that statement is more than evident. It looked like an abandoned building, with very worn out simple wooden desks all stacked and lined up against the wall. The area that they used to have a soccer field and goal posts for the kids was now just tall weeds and dotted with cow pies and horse manure. I think there might had been another small grassy area for other play besides soccer, but this too was a “pasture” with cow paths going through it. Dan also was scouting out the area for a landing strip as a way to visit the area more often and establish further connections with this village. The vans were pushed to limits for sure. As you know the mission workers here establish and step it up for us to visit the area before we arrive. And you also know, sometimes medical clinic have happened already at a village other years. This village visit was a first time. So that was very exciting, knowing that this was laying down a foundation for further works. But at the same time very scary. What if I do something wrong, what if just me saying the wrong thing (even in English) would ruin that possible opening of the door for this village, what if the elders discourage people from going or even staying? So many what if’s? Only God got them to come and come they did. You could tell they were leary and Dan did let us know they would be timid and rightly so. So many strangers pulling up in 3 vans, pilling out like the clowns at a circus show. No one was there when we first arrived (which usually some people are there) and even after we unloaded all the stuff it almost seemed no one would come. So that was a little discouraging and I felt like we were not welcome or wanted. Which I know this was just Satan trying to break me and not keep my purpose for being there going. I stopped a moment and said no to myself … NO that I was not going to even let those thoughts in, put my mind to working at the task at hand and pray for God to honor me with letting me be his tool.
    I have to stop and continue later. Group devotion time.
    Can you tell I am a little tired and going on and on, just like i talk to much when tired ??? Maybe putting to much info in here for you 🙂


    1. Things are settling back to normal for Mom and Dad. Still quite a few restrictions for him, but he’s doing real good. How are things going with the build? Everybody still have all their fingers?? We sent out an email for prayers for your home dedications and we all look forward to hearing about it. Have a great last few days.


  4. All fingers and toes accounted for. Dedications tomorrow so a big day and extra prayers needed.
    Any news about the tests? Or on the damage from seizure?


  5. Katie, this is Helen. Thanks for the prayers for Dave’s dad. We will keep you in our prayers better now that Paul is back to “normal”.


    1. Nick seems to be enjoying it all and working hard. Dad, I am going to give you Dan’s contact when I get back. He is the leader down here and your experience and knowledge with flying and all your mechanic skills is something he says would be greatly used. Even just knowing contacts in the flying world and advice on fixing planes and parts is something he is looking for. He also mentioned he is planning on being in Iowa around end Oct or Nov for something to do with mission pilots and such. He even talked about flying to Platte if you needed him to.


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