Tiffany Davis


2 thoughts on “Tiffany Davis”

  1. Our home has a 16 day old baby (as of 8-8). When we arrived yesterday, the family introduced themselves to us and the mother said the baby had no name yet. Then we introduced ourselves and I was the last person. When the mother heard my name, she said, “Si, si, es Tiffany,” pointing at the baby. I was really surprised and didn’t know if it would stick or not. Today, we painted and decorated the inside of the house. The mother brought her children in, even the baby, painted their hands and pressed them up against the wall, making tree leaves to the trunk we had painted. She also wrote all of the names of her family on the wall and “Estefany” appeared as the baby’s name.
    I came to Guatemala not super excited about it (I was excited, just not as much as everyone around me thought I needed to be), but I knew that God would use me and that I was here for a reason. Perhaps this was the reason.


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