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  1. Day one we went way up into the coastal mountains to host a medical clinic. Completely amazing experience, from driving through the villages and towns to get there, having children chase our van saying dulce’, to driving into the mountains using river beds as roads (very very very bumpy). The village we went too took 3 1/2 hours (one way) to get too. The people there were so amazing, very very poor, but I fell deeply in love with the kids. I have GREAT pictures.
    Day two, we drove two hours one way to get our next village to get to the medical clinic. This village was much more wealthy and more civilized, yet still in need of medical and Jesus. We held the clinic in a church and the people were super fun. Again the kids melted my heart and many came to know Jesus tonight.
    I personally have become close with one of the local pastors named Jesus’ he sits by me in the van and helps me attempt to translate, even though he doesn’t help much. He and I share snacks and funny stories together on our long van rides.
    Love you very much. Please pray for our team tomorrow as we begin building our homes.
    Jeana 🙂


    1. Great to hear from you! Glad things are going well and that you have enough snacks to share:). Can’t wait to hear about what God did and is doing! LOVE YOU!!!


  2. First day building wasn’t so easy for me as I am terrible at construction. I felt like I kept getting in the way. All five teams were very competitive and it caused some frustrations as some teams finished before others. But, with all that said the blessing of playing with the little kids and meeting our family and the families around us was amazing. There was a new 15 day old baby in the house next to our family, the mommy was very kind and allowed us to meet her and love on her. Our family we were assigned initially isn’t who we began building for, not sure what happened other than knowing that God had a plan. We had Dan (PB Leader) and his daughter Haven on our team. Our wonderful family had a father, mother, and three girls and two boys. I had the best time meeting and building relations with them. They all are very very open to communication with us and working with our horrible Spanish (although I am picking up quite a bit while I am down here).
    I look forward to spending time with them tomorrow, not so much the building (just because I am terrible at it and I feel I am in the way).
    Love you all, miss you bunches and see you in 4 toe days 🙂


  3. Glad you added the toe days so I knew it was you:) Miss you like crazy but also super excited for you guys!!!
    You are my favorite!!! Love you and am praying for you!!!


    1. OH my goodness today was amazing! Had an amazing day with my team and with the family we built a home for. We found out our family had an additional child that we didn’t know about, so we have dad, mom, and then the children are Carmen – 18, Danny – 16, Brenda – 14, Telma -10, Jairo – 7, and sweet Natalie who is 6. They are all so amazing, they helped us out so much with the house, the kids got so involved in the painting. When they brought the bed in the dad had the best, greatest smile for the longest time, (Tim like Katie’s dad when he came to see Theo in the hospital). Then when we set the bed up, they laid on it instantly and snuggled with each other. Looking forward to tomorrow, please please please pray that they accept Jesus as their Savior and we get to spend eternity together!. Miss you bunches, love love love you! See you in 3 toe days 🙂


  4. Awesome! Tomorrow will be amazing and Yes we are praying God draws them to Him!!! I am not surprised that you are totally falling in love with the family, that is the stuff that rocks! Love you and can’t wait to see you both and hear all about it!!! Have a great and restful evening:)


  5. It was a bit to emotional to write yesterday, I didn’t have it in me to put it all in words. All Five of our families came to know the Lord yesterday and will be brother and sisters in Christ with us for eternity, so cool! It was very exciting to see all that happened yesterday, so many personal stories within our team as well as with our families. This is kinda why I wasn’t sure I could come, because it is to hard to leave. I bonded so much with all our families we did life with this week. Between the medical clinics and building of our houses I will be leaving a piece of my heart here in Guatemala. There was a little girl who was 6 in our house named Natalie, she was such a firecracker and her and I have a life bond! Can’t wait to show you pictures and videos. She made me miss the twins so much. I was able to give her some of the twins dresses I brought down so that was pretty special. Then Dan’s daughter Haven, was with us all week on our team and she is 10 like Jacee and they kinda looks like Jacee and it made me really really miss Jacee. It will be hard to leave but I a super excited to get back home and love on my family. I miss you all very very much and we will see you in one toe day 🙂 Headed to a fun day, although it seems weird after such an intense week of pooring our soles out. Love you! See you hopefully tomorrow night for supper!


  6. I totally get how strange that feeling is!!! Never going to be able to unpack exactly (the world has just changed) sort of! I can not wait to see you and Lexi tomorrow!!! Love you both TONS!!!


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